We asked our patients in our annual Patient Survey

‘Any suggestions to make our practice better?’

“I haven’t been a patient at the practice long but I am impressed by the service compared to my previous dentist.”
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“I feel very lucky to be a member of this practice – it really is the best. Many thanks.”
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“Just more of the same please! I have absolute confidence that I have made a great decision - just keep on doing what you do.”
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“Thank you, you are always so wonderful with our family & my girls love seeing Jennifer!”
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We asked our patients why they thought being on a monthly plan was beneficial to them.

‘I choose a monthly payment scheme because…’

“I feel I don’t need to worry about what might happen in the future with my dental status.”
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“I wanted to be sure I got my dental treatment done without costing a fortune so I prefer a monthly fee.”
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“I’ve been with them for many years and never really thought about shopping around. They seem to provide cover for most treatments required.”
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