Covid 19

Dental practices are to remain open to provide essential and non essential services. We can therefore reassure our existing and new patients that we are continuing to maintain our full provision of dental care throughout the ongoing situation.

Implementing Coronovirus protocols has led to alterations to our appointment system. This has meant a reduction in the numbers of patients we have been able to treat on any given day to maintain social distancing and allow time to follow our protocols fully..

Planning treatments (which now require longer times) and protecting medically vulnerable patients and ensuring patient numbers stay low (to reduce contact with other patients) mean that our capacity has been reduced and there may be less choice of appointment times available compared to pre Covid days. However we will ensure that everyone is seen in as timely a fashion as is possible.

Many thanks to the patients we have seen already - we have worked hard to implement our new systems and these are now running smoothly. Your support, many positive comments and excellent feedback have been much appreciated.

These are still challenging times but we have now been able to offer hygienist appointments again and have welcomed Cheryl and Juliette back to the team. We have also introduced Lauren to add to our existing nursing team of Lucy, Mandy and Tom. Despite the layers of PPE we are all trying to deliver a safe and personal service to our patients.

Your loyalty, support and patience is very much appreciated.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again.

If you have any questions or if you have a dental issue that you believe requires attention then please email

Thank you for your ongoing support


Richard, Jennifer and Sinead.