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Aesthetic Practitioner
Dr Alice Graye

Alice qualified from Newcastle Medical School, trained at the Derma Institute and is a practicing doctor in West Yorkshire. She has worked across medical and surgical specialties and offers the highest levels of expertise.

To ensure you are always in safe hands, we truly believe all aesthetics treatments should be carried out by a medical professional, to guarantee optimum safety and care. Alice will explain all the risks and benefits involved with each procedure and can safely prescribe and administer treatments and aftercare.

Your clinical safety is our highest priority and we only carry out procedures following a thorough consultation with Alice.

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Our aesthetic treatments are carried out by a fully qualified doctor on an appointment only basis, with a free consultation for these treatments – click the link below to book.

1 area - £150
2 areas - £200
3 areas - £250

Dermal fillers (using top quality Juvederm products)
Lips from £220
Midface from £275
Chin from £275

For the ultimate results in facial renewal, aesthetics can really add the wow factor to cosmetic dental work – bringing a holistic view to your entire face to balance, renew, restore and rejuvenate.

We’d love to hear from you. Click the link below to book an appointment.